Sunday, 29 July 2012


I have been laying low on the internet for some time now. After my short stint in London studying at the London College of Fashion life got somewhat hectic - but hectic in a good way. I figured that getting back into blogging was a good way both for me to document and organise my life but also aid in getting the creative juices flowing more freely.

I am now working full time in the luxury sector as a marketing manager for a menswear premium accessory brand and that, admittedly, takes up a large chunk of my time but I have very much missed dollying around behind and infront of the camera lens. I have a few photoshoot things pencilled in the pipeline now and hense the rebirth of "Ruby Noise - Wardrobe Stylist".

This week sees the launch of my company website so I shall be busy with that. I am both incredibly nervous and extremely excited to see my little baby of a project come to life! I have worked closely with the incredibly talented photographer and website designer Mr Adrian Crook ( to make my ideas become actuality. big love and hugs to him. Spending time with Adrian and being back in the studio has naturally got my talons itching to create some more fabulous fash images so things are in place to get the ball rolling again.

My styling portfolio has become incredibly stagnant due to my neglect - but this is all about to change!

Here is a sneaky little image taken by Adrian Crook and modelling by the outrageously beautiful Carla Monaco ( Minimal styling input by myself but the little clothing she is wearing is my handy work - good pair of scissors have never failed me!

Adrian, Carla and I have an exciting fashion shoot planned in for early next week so I shall look forward to documenting and sharing the results of that day... watch this space.